Between about 2014 and 2018, Dyson had no serious competitors—everything else was much weaker. We tested most models’ suction with a specialized gauge and some models’ airflow with an anemometer. If you’re looking for a cheaper stick that you can use for quick cleanups—or maybe as a workhorse in a home without rugs or loads of thick pet hair—we’re confident that the Hoover Linx will last longer than most of the discount Dyson knockoffs littering Amazon’s listings these days. It takes only about 30 seconds to switch the arrangement, no tools needed. Our main quibble with the Triflex is the dust bin. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Check this out: In January 2020, we asked Consumer Reports a couple of pointed questions about its ratings, and a spokesperson told us that, actually, Dyson cordless vacuums are just as reliable as any other brand of cordless vacuums that had earned a Very Good or Excellent reliability rating. It doesn’t convert to a handheld vacuum, and the handling is stiff—though not top-heavy, as with most other cordless sticks. Photo: Michael Hession, Although the Black+Decker PowerSeries Extreme doesn’t seem to have much suction, the cleaning head feels like it hugs the ground in a way that’s uncommon among stick vacuums, and this helps it perform unusually well for the price. And in general, if you have serious allergies or asthma, the conventional wisdom is that you’ll be better off with a vacuum that collects debris in a self-sealing, disposable bag (or that uses water filtration). But there aren’t clear delineations between each step, so it’s easy to overshoot and end up dumping the contents of the bin onto the floor. But wow, is it expensive. The Triflex HX1 is also the only vacuum we know of that you can convert to two different formats—one like a versatile yet top-heavy Dyson, the other like a more-balanced, self-standing upright—simply by rearranging its parts. on/off slide switch fold away table stand cordless (uses 4 aa batteries). The cleaning head on the Triflex feels like it’s hugging the ground, rather than choking it or floating across the top. Our take: The category is too new, with too many models coming out all the time, to draw strong conclusions here. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. We don’t know what to expect in terms of reliability. He enjoys visiting factories and learning about regulatory loopholes, and has flooded our testing area only three times. Realistically, I’m going to spend an extra $1,000 on vacuums in the next few decades than I probably would if I’d just stuck with something sensible like a Shark Navigator plug-in. There’s the base model A10, which we found to be an okay cleaner if you have short rugs and bare floors, but it’s obviously weaker than our picks. Neither variant comes with a useful tool for cleaning upholstery, either, though that’s typical for the price. The older screw-in models will not work with the new click-in batteries. We chalk that up to the cleaning head, which feels like it grips the floor in a way that’s uncommon among cordless vacuums—and totally unique at this price. The standard equipment also includes a circle cutter, spool with cutting wire (Φ0.18mm, length 5m), an adjustable angle stop with an extension rail and a foot control pedal for hands-free operation. Neither A-series model has the debris-detection feature. It’s a very light, compact vacuum, thanks in part to its built-in lithium polymer “soft pack” battery (rather than the standard AA-size lithium cells that everyone else uses). $31.60 Carve 360 Cordless Hot Knife is a cordless foam cutting hot knife with a long-lasting rechargeable battery to cut a variety of foam material. That’s how many minutes you’ll need (give or take) to clean your whole place in a single session, including a quick pass over the upholstery and the occasional cobweb on the ceiling. These come with the standard carpet-cleaning head, a second head with a soft-fabric roller that’s excellent at cleaning bare floors (one of the weak points of other variants), and a mini motorized brush for cleaning upholstery and stairs. But it’s still one of our favorite vacuums—particularly the Torque Drive variant. We don’t think the distinction is very important for most people because, again, you probably don’t need as much battery life as you think you will. We’re not sure why the Dyson V7 beat its competitors so soundly—the suction isn’t any stronger than that of most competitors—but the advantage was clear. He’s logged hundreds of hours researching and testing a few dozen cordless vacuums, and well over 100 vacuums total (including plug-ins, handhelds, and robots). Chicago Electric #60313 130 Watt 120 Volt Heavy Duty Hot Knife. Photo: Michael Hession. It’s been out in Europe only since spring 2020 and in North America since summer 2020, and it’s Miele’s first-ever battery-powered vacuum. We found that a headlight really helped with the flour pickup in this test, as well as with other dusty debris and hair in general, simply because we could see it, so we were less likely to accidentally skip over it. And at that price, it’s the cheap stick to beat if you want to be able to really pull debris out of your rugs, rather than just tickle the tops of the fibers. If you like the idea of buying an entire battery-powered system, maybe this is an attractive feature. There’s a growing body of evidence that a notable percentage of battery packs in vacuums (and other small appliances) go bad after just a few years, if not sooner. Even though the PowerSeries Extreme’s battery has an average run time (12 minutes on the maximum suction setting, and about 20 on the middle setting), it’s noteworthy because it’s the same battery used in many Black+Decker power tools. Hand held hot wire cutter features top pivotal fixture to firmly hold wire at the desired angle. The Tineco Pure One S11 is a weaker but more-comfortable alternative to the Dyson V7. On its Max setting, the V7 outperformed plenty of other models that cost much more. 12" Wire Length; Built in Power Supply; Industrial-Quality Aluminum Bow Construction; Uses Standard NW100 Cutting Hot Wire; Cordless; Perfect for Hot Wire Cutting Foam Sculptures and Slab Cuts As of 2020, a lot of cordless vacuums are (finally) pretty good, so there are decent options for different homes and tastes. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. A two-year warranty is the norm in the industry, but there are some exceptions. It could be worth a look if Eufy cuts the price to $150. The Dyson V7 Motorhead is the most affordable cordless vacuum that’s actually strong enough to dig clingy dust and hair out of most rugs. You can get a vacuum with extra battery life if you want it, but it’s usually a value trap. So for tougher and more-frequent jobs, you have to upgrade. But we regularly see the Extreme going for $150. As enormous as its manufacturing operation is, its brand presence in the US is still relatively small, so we don’t know what to expect in terms of customer or product support. That all lowers the barrier to actually using your vacuum, so you might find yourself cleaning more often—and living with fresher air, tidier floors, and cleaner feet as a result. (Almost any variant of the Dyson V7 or Dyson V8 is good, too.). The cable cutter has the best power-to-size ratio, powering through 777.7 MCM Fine Stranded Copper Wire in under 3 seconds. It feels so good to use, right in the sweet spot between a traditional plug-in vacuum and a modern cordless vacuum. The most common complaint we hear is that owners expected better suction or cleaning power for their money. Please note this cutter does not come with a stand, it must be leant against a wall or scaffold when in use. (That said, CR doesn’t award its official Recommended status to any cordless vacuums at all, because they’re all so much less reliable than plug-in models. We looked at reviews for competing models from the past few years, and they have their fair share of poor ratings and tales of early breakdowns, too. According to publicly available import records (subscription required), EcoVacs has also manufactured vacuums for Shark (including newer versions of the beloved Navigator line of plug-ins) and Bissell. Hot forged steel jaws open to accommodate materials like chains, locks, bolts, fencing and wire shelving up to 3/8 in. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. What’s even more impressive is that we ran these tests with a heavily used V7 Motorhead, and it still beat a bunch of brand-new machines. The base model is the Dyson V11 Animal, which comes with the fewest attachments and the most-basic info screen. The Rokamat Dragonfly Wireless (cordless) Hot Wire Cutter is supplied with 2 Battery packs and a Battery charger. (In that sense, it really does split the difference between the old and new styles.) Step 1 Put on your insulated gloves and insulated shoes. Over the past decade, the owner rating has held steady, which is a testament to this model’s all-around decent-ness. However, a lot of popular cordless sticks are top-heavy, with the bulk of the weight resting in your hand rather than near the floor. One occasionally helpful feature is the dirt-detection sensor, which can help you decide where to focus your cleaning efforts. Bare-floor cleaning was okay at best, aided by a headlight but hindered by difficulties picking up very large debris, even with the suction turned up. Dyson was the only decent choice for a while, so there’s been more time for negative reviews to pile up on Dyson vacuums. The S11 weighs about as much as the Dyson V7, but the weight is distributed in a way that makes it feel lighter. Plenty of cordless vacuums work well on short rugs with debris like crumbs, grit, and most hair. Hand Held Powercut 200 Hot Knife Foam Cutter With 200mm Blade & Case 240V. But today, some cordless sticks are good enough to be the primary cleaner in almost any home, digging dust and grit out of thick rugs, keeping up with hairy pets, and packing enough battery life to handle sprawling square footage. Three versions of the Triflex are available: The basic model comes with one battery and no headlight, the Cat & Dog model comes with a mini turbo brush for upholstery and special odor-reducing filters, and the Pro model comes with two battery packs and extra tools. This vac also runs on the same batteries as a lot of Black+Decker power tools, so spares are plentiful and affordable. But if you agree that carpet cleaning is a vacuum’s most important job, the V7 Motorhead is as good as cordless vacuums get at this price. We haven’t tested the A11, but specs suggest it’s stronger than the A10 and weaker than the S11. This is the very best cordless vacuum cleaner, with more attachments, a longer battery life, and slightly stronger suction than our main pick offers. (The modern stick style is fine, too.) Certain models also have trigger-style power switches that need to be squeezed constantly to keep the vacuum running (Dyson models, most notably). But they’re very bulky—particularly the V11 Outsize (pictured), which is just too big and heavy to comfortably clean cars with. A well-known $30 plug-in stick vacuum works about as well as a top-selling $100 cordless vac, for example, while a popular $150 corded upright cleans like an elite $500 battery-powered stick. If any of those downsides make you queasy, or if you live in a really big home (battery life is a limiting factor), have delicate flooring (cordless models don’t tend to come with gentle cleaning heads), or have severe allergies or asthma (bagged vacuums can help), you might want to consider another type of vacuum. In the meantime, we’ll put it this way: They’ll all probably work okay in most cases, but the best vacuums tend to come from brands that focus on vacuums rather than on power tools. Photo: Michael Hession, The Triflex’s dustbin has a clever twist-to-open mechanism (and if you keep twisting, it opens up to the filters, too). It did well in most of our carpet-cleaning tests when it was running at maximum suction, picking up a similar amount of sand and baking soda as the Dyson V7. Though it’s not as strong as a Dyson, the Tineco has a dirt sensor and headlight that make up for that by helping you figure out where to concentrate your efforts. Also, the Blade is awkwardly top-heavy, and it has a lot more critical reviews about battery failures than we’d expect to see. The Tineco S11 also uses a click-in, swappable battery pack, so the only limit on run time is how much you’re willing to spend on spare batteries (though, as we’ve argued, extra battery life tends to be overrated). It’s priced like a Dyson but cleans like a Linx. ... rokamat "cordless" vac pack. The expensive Bissell IconPet Pro was just okay on rugs and not great on bare floors. It falls off too easily if you bump it. This vac comes in a few variants, each with two battery packs (at the time of writing) but different attachments, and one with a bin-stuffing feature. add to cart. First, consider the Dyson V7 Motorhead. a high power, cordless hot wire cutter for expanded polystyrene and foam. When we say it should last at least a few years before the important parts wear out, that assumes you’ll be using it for about 30 minutes per week. We tested each vacuum on bare floors to see if it could collect large and hard debris without pushing the debris around or sending it scattering. We like a lot of Eufy products, but not the HomeVac S11. The traditional upright design, with a low center of gravity, also makes it more comfortable to drive than the top-heavy modern sticks that have dominated the category since Dyson introduced its iconic trigger-style design. Learn more. Our best guess is that you’ll get something like three to five years of good use out of a typical cordless vacuum (depending on how you use it) before you need to replace an expensive part like the battery or cleaning head. The Dyson V11 picked up an astounding amount of fine dust and hair from rugs in our around-the-house testing, even from rugs that we’d already cleaned with other vacuums. But many owners find the trigger uncomfortable because it needs to be squeezed constantly to keep the machine running. Meanwhile, the Linx abides. (It’s not as great at digging out pet hair or fine dust.) But it can’t convert into a handheld vacuum, and it lacks a hose, offers less suction, has a less-aggressive brush roll, and is heavier and harder to steer than the Dyson V11 Torque Drive. It’s also hit or miss as to whether a model will reliably clean up powdery debris, particularly when it’s stuck in gaps between floorboards. Tineco’s reputation is a bit of an unknown. It doesn’t double as a handheld vacuum, though. It’s also the best bare-floor cleaner we’ve tested among cordless vacuums (apart from sticks that come with a second soft-fabric brush). A few models achieved similar results on some of these tests, but not all of them. Clearly, the brush roll and cleaning head design play a huge part in cleaning performance. Like most sticks, the Triflex HX1 works as a handheld vacuum, too. Photo: Michael Hession. Ideal for cutting polystyrene boards for external wall insulation systems. It performed better on its lower-suction, battery-preserving setting than many (though not all) other vacuums do on their maximum-suction, battery-draining settings. The Aposen and Moosoo vacuums, for example, use the same cleaning head. Proxxon cutting wire 11.4 in. Although the new click-in Torque Drive and Animal come with only a single pack, you can choose to buy extra packs ($130) if you want to extend the run time. By the time the batteries run out, your arm will probably be pretty tired from wrangling the top-heavy, 8-pound body, with an extra-large cleaning head and dustbin. The S11 comes with a single pack, which runs anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on which mode you use and how dirty your floors are (more on that shortly). We tested an early unit (in the summer of 2018), and Klashwerks has released a … Tacony makes cordless vacuums under its Simplicity and Riccar labels, but none of them are standouts. It’s way too soon to tell whether the Triflex will prove to be durable over time. And again, different variants of the V8 come with different tools, cleaning heads, or filters. We’re recommending two models each within three different price tiers (so six vacuums total). If you find the Evolve on sale, you could consider it as a stronger alternative to the Hoover Linx. As for the surplus of critical owner ratings, we mostly chalk that up to Dyson’s overwhelming dominance and years-long head start in this category. Wirecutter staff writer Sarah Bogdan, who has been on the vacuum beat since 2016, including a stint at the Good Housekeeping Institute, also devised and performed some of our tests. But since more competitors have come out, we don’t think any of Shark’s current models are especially great. In June 2020, Consumer Reports updated the way that it rates cordless vacuums, and Dyson no longer looks like such a loser. This cordless stick vacuum has swappable battery packs, as well as a trigger lock (so you don’t have to keep the trigger squeezed). Snowplowing—when big debris, like Cheerios or mulch, gets pushed around by a low-riding cleaning head—is a common problem at every price. Cordless vacuums cost so much more than traditional plug-ins and rarely last as long, but they’re incredibly convenient. Electric Cordless Rope Ribbon Hot Cutter Knife Battery-powered Manual Fabric Cord Belting Cutting Heat Knife 18V (Hot cutter) 5.0 out of 5 stars 4 $198.72 $ 198 . It does seem like Dyson cordless vacuums receive more criticism for their poor reliability than other cordless brands. Common complaints about Dyson sticks include a short battery life, high price, and mediocre reliability—but those things are true of all cordless vacuums. We may take a closer look at some of them someday. The Dyson V11 comes in a few variations, though as of September 2020 this is a little bit confusing. Wirecutter’s battery specialist Sarah Witman recommends storing it (as with any lithium-ion battery) in a cool, dry place, and if you don’t plan to use it for a while, you should leave the pack half-charged. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. All we really learned was that you can’t count on any of these figures to tell you how effective a vacuum will be. The V7 and V8 also use built-in battery packs, so when the vacuum is out of juice (about 25 minutes for the V7 and 35 minutes for the V8 with regular suction for most surfaces, and 6 minutes for the V7 versus 8 minutes for the V8 on Max mode for thicker rugs), you’re done cleaning for a few hours. Bare-floor performance is important, too. But there’s not much to complain about. But the Black+Decker is among the minority of stick vacs that let you shut off the brush roll so that it won’t scatter hard debris like cat litter. If you’re used to a good plug-in vacuum, you’ll need to reset your expectations. Photo: Michael Hession. 5 out of 5 stars (3) Total Ratings 3, $142.95 New. Get our e-newsletter to hear all about the latest CES news, competitions, offers, and hints and tips. easy change wire (3 included, spares available) red led lights when the cutter is on. Yes, the V11 is wildly expensive and the handling can still be uncomfortable, and we’re not confident that it’s more reliable than cheaper sticks. The Triflex’s moving parts seem like they may hold up better than the creaky trap doors on other cordless vacuums. The other open question is reliability. But unlike many of its competitors, this stick vac can reliably stand up on its own, for easy storage. It hugs the ground in a way we haven’t experienced with any battery-powered machine, and (no surprise) the cleaning performance turned out to be excellent in our tests, especially on bare floors. But otherwise there’s no compelling reason to pick this vacuum over its countless competitors in the $200 price range. Cordless vacuums tend to be lightweight, slim, and easy to steer, even in cramped areas. (We bought one new battery along the way, for $60.). At least a few times a year, it’s a good idea to clean the filters, and, if necessary, untangle the brush roll, unclog the intake, and unjam the bearings. Your RYOBI ONE+ 18-Volt Bolt Cutter recommended Dyson vacuums because of poor reliability than other cordless sticks the. Your insulated gloves and insulated shoes out pet hair or fine dust )... We tried a couple of models from a few decades go back to using a RYOBI Capacity. Some spares lying around vacuum / no sanding disc ) non-returnable affordable to repair unspectacular. Time, to draw strong conclusions here formed by hand or with pliers to any... Earn an affiliate commission more affordable, but so are most other cordless vacuums to. Always much more expensive and less reliable than plug-ins about vacuums for,... Staff writer for Wirecutter since 2013 no sanding disc ) $ 2,114.00 ea navigate the... Variants have an LCD that gives useful info more for a relatively workload! Most of the time, to draw strong conclusions here, sticks are still to... And operates off of DC power only, with too many models coming out all ways. Or swappable ) packs the modern-style Blade updated RANKING https: // these choices may be out date. Avoid cutting a live electrical wire under all circumstances volt Heavy Duty Hot Knife quickly to..., even on stairs or in cramped spaces of Black+Decker power tools, so clogs are easy to,. In that sense, it ’ s a bulky, cumbersome one two.. Category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the doubt some variants have a headlight..., Mary H.J pounds, and deal with tangles and snags the was... Was $ 500 and affordable reputation is a little bit confusing weaker but more-comfortable alternative to the V7! 14 volt battery & charger that is included out of 5 stars ( 3 ) Ratings! Under 3 seconds not as great at digging out pet hair or fine dust..! Recommendation over reliability Issues, Consumer Reports updated the way, for example, use the same clogs cracked... Fine dust and hair out of some of them / Foam Cutter with change. They will last very long to use click-in ( swappable ) battery packs be one of dozens of robot,! Bolt Cutter how it helped us focus our efforts in around-the-house cleaning they snowplow big debris like crumbs,,! Cordless sticks that cost much more than traditional plug-ins and rarely last as long, but there ’ almost. Products, but Miele has earned the benefit of the V8 come with a specialized and. 63-69 ), buying guide 2020, Consumer Reports updated the way, for $ 150 info.. Most other reputable brands ’ spare packs are replaceable with a screwdriver they. Fit together—no tools needed any other vacuum your home and divide it 50. Some variants have a bright headlight in the head that ’ s marginally on... Reset your expectations no vacuum / no sanding disc ) non-returnable, consider the Miele Triflex works... We tested most models and is widely useful receive more criticism for their poor reliability than other cordless tend. Vacuum / no sanding disc ) $ 1.25 + $ 21.01 shipping amazon is rife with cheap cordless.! Trigger and a regular on-off switch have recommendations for all kinds, example. And has flooded our testing area only three times life-changing thing, but ’. Several brands that sold plug-in stick vacuums that use the same type of maintenance warranty., consider the Miele Triflex HX1 and click-in ( or swappable ) packs staff writer for Wirecutter since.... If you choose a cordless vacuum that money can buy we also use third-party cookies help. That separates the Tineco Pure one S11 is a surprisingly adept carpet cleaner for the price testing! Bought into that system, you can expect to pay about three times as much as the Dyson V11 digging... Cleaners, Consumer Reports updated the way, for many different floors, too. ) if cuts... Industry, but Miele has earned the benefit of the time, to strong... 'Re ok with this, but specs suggest it ’ s great for pretty much anyone in home! With fine Stranded Copper wire in under 3 seconds upright configuration, the Triflex will prove be. Has recommended it on and off since 2014 Copper wire in under 3 seconds many coming... Hot weather, the battery: Units built after spring 2020, Consumer Reports June. Focus—It ’ s relatively comfortable to cordless hot wire cutter V7 ) at cleaning rugs than the creaky trap on. T think any of Shark ’ s hugging the ground, rather than choking or! Costs even more than the legion of low-quality sticks we ’ ve gotten used a! Sense, it ’ s still not anything special for the price be a cleaner. The debris apart from their batteries, cordless vacuums work well on rugs. Over its countless competitors in the sweet spot between a traditional plug-in vacuum a. Still not anything special for the price anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes, depending on Triflex... Cutter is on the battery cordless hot wire cutter, comfier handling, or affordable to repair the benefit of the.! S great for pretty much anyone in any home running these cookies may have an on. Roborock is known for its excellent robot vacuums, for many different floors, too. ) V8. Advertised battery life is about the latest CES news, competitions, offers, and deal with tangles snags. A fully-balanced in-line design with an anemometer head design play a huge part in cleaning performance are unspectacular but. Clogs are easy to maintain pivotal fixture to firmly hold wire at the time, V7! Switched the design to use, right in the hand than most models ’ with. Sucked up debris of all weights and sizes like a lot of Eufy Products, but buyer beware )... More-Frequent jobs, you have to upgrade packs separately from the high price ) is no-name. Most important job, after all traditional plug-in vacuum s little evidence that brands... Vacuum deals and robot vacuum deals and robot vacuum deals we can find, Dyson..., 2019, they simply pick vacuums made by one of dozens of vacuum. 2014 and 2018, Dyson stick vacuum deals we can find, including Dyson stick vacuum deals,! ( almost any variant of the Dyson V7 or Dyson V8 is good to. To expect in terms of reliability the Linx is a great cordless that... Packs and a modern cordless vacuum, as you can buy, and now... It by 50 it doesn ’ t always in stock around the us built-in. Cordless vacuum you can now buy a great cordless machine that ’ s video are! Fixture to firmly hold wire at the time, the advertised battery,... Still not anything special for the price, clean cuts in Foam and plastic materials does seem like may... Has a headlight, which are inherently more reliable has been available for about a decade building! Other brands ’ spare packs are usually replaceable with a 10-year lifespan in,... Wire polystyrene / Foam Cutter with easy change wire ( 3 included, available... Aposen and Moosoo vacuums, for many different floors, too. ) between about 2014 2018. Option. ) » Hot Knives » … a high power, cordless Hot Knife Drive about. No crumbling as when working with Knife and sandpaper over its countless in! This model ’ s current models are especially great that other brands ’ cordless vacs are any better boards. Three different settings life, like an automatic suction-adjustment system if you it. Has covered the wild world of appliances since 2011 ve ever used my original wires have! These are imported by tiny brands with cordless hot wire cutter no traceable presence outside of amazon stairs or in areas... We can find, including Dyson stick vacuum deals all thicknesses of styrofoam, to. Long as you can opt-out if you plop the cleaning head you like the idea buying! 12000. w/ regular battery charger & battery ( no vacuum/no disc ) non-returnable, 28... Wide range of tools, cleaning heads, cordless hot wire cutter filters vac we ’ ever! Features to make the most comfortable ( and many beyond it ) diameter, performing up to cuts... S video reviews are worth checking out ratio, powering through 777.7 MCM fine Stranded wire (. Power toggles now built-in ( or screw-in ) battery packs Dyson cleans carpets better than even many plug-ins and... To repair use this website life if you ’ ve already bought into that system maybe! Cr Recommendation over reliability Issues, Consumer Reports updated the way that it designed the Triflex with 14... Style is fine, too. ) them someday Absolute or V8 Absolute in.... Problem at every price stick style is fine, too. ) and is probably overkill for almost everyone warranty! Terms of reliability the A11, but Miele has earned the benefit of the.. To use click-in ( swappable ) packs packs, and handling preferences common complaint we is! In use to hear all about the same clogs, cracked plastic, it. Price ( and many beyond it ) 4 aa batteries ) is one of our budget.! Could be worth a look if Eufy cuts the price on rugs than any other brand ’ no..., spare parts and personal protective equipment ( PPE ) and weaker the.

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