Gallon Jar Containing the Game

Strategy Board Game


Six  move roles are played on
a soffit of 91 six-sided spaces.

Six  Dementians  of  Difficulty:
Learn the 1st, add the 2nd, etc.

Donkey Oatey roles in from the
far right in the 3rd Dementian.

Scoring unlike Chess lets each
game end with a clear winner.

LEFT: Game start positions with
Immovable on the Soffit center.


The gallump knight Sir Real Donkey
Oatey, in an earring quest to restore
chivaree nose only Himself is Upright.

Playing pieces know surreal Donkey
Oatey is not a real playing piece but 
a split personality of Horse play piece.

These dysfunctional relationships get
mixed up in some unusual move roles.

Spelling: It's okay to misspell words in
a dream. But which words are misspelt?

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Here are some frequently asked questions about our strategy board game.
If you have any other questions regarding our unique board game, feel free to contact us.

What are the game pieces made of ? Tough & durable hand cast polyurethane.

Why are there so many rules for taking one's own playing pieces?

Such a powerful technique must be carefully controlled or the game is won too soon.

How did you come up with this game?

(Rules Booklet) "My mother's 91st birthday was nearing & I was worried. By now
she must have been given almost everything! What to do with 91? Tired out from thinking, I slept and above me saw The Soffit: A hexagon of 91 six-sided spaces."

What is the strategy book like?

Kiddos’ Book of Six in a Dream® in Six Dementians is arranged in the same order as the rules, has examples of how the rules are used and teaches some strategy for being in control and winning games.

How does one collapse a soffit for storage?



Shown is a sample page from the strategy book.

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